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Radio Bingo

Dec 1, 2023

Join Us Every Wednesday at 7:00pm

Christmas Bingo – December 6th 

Block Rounds: (25$ Per Book):

Round 1: 1 Line for 200$ (blue sheet)

Round 2: 1 Line for 300$ (orange sheet)

Round 3: 1 Line for 300$ (green sheet)

Round 4: 1 Line for 300$ (yellow sheet)

Round 5: 1 Line for 400$ (pink sheet)

Round 6: 1 Line for 500$ (grey sheet)

Round 7: FULL CARD for 1000$ (olive sheet)


Air Liaison ticket (5$ Per Sheet:

Win a roundtrip ticket to Sept-Îles

Play for the letter “X” (purple sheet)


Lucky 7 (1$ Per Card):

Win the pot if you get a bingo in 7 #’s or less! (Jackpot is 2939$)

(orange single card)

The consolation prize for the Lucky 7 will be 200$ if the pot does not go on that evening!


Cards on sale at our regular retailers.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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