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A Student Culinary Experience at École MGR Scheffer

LOCAL NEWS - NOVEMBER 19, 2020 - Something Smells Great in the Ecole Mgr-Scheffer Kitchen!

Les Brigades Culinaires is a new cooking class being offered to the high school students at Ecole Mgr-Scheffer! And the students seem to be having an amazing time cooking with Chef Paulette!

Les Brigades Culinaires is an extra-curricular program offered in high schools, which reaches young people aged from 12 to 17 through workshops on basic cooking techniques and healthy eating habits. This program is currently present in 175 schools in Quebec and more than 20 others everywhere in Canada! Already on the Lower North Shore, the schools in Gros Mecatina and St. Paul's have participated.

At Ecole Mgr-Scheffer, 13 students are a part of the program and have met 3 times so far to learn cooking skills every Tuesday for approximately 2 hours. The students can enjoy their delicious creations, or bring samples home, and sometimes lucky staff in passing by get to taste their culinary treats as well. The students have already mastered chocolate fondue, fruit spring rolls, and soup. The recipes are decided by the program and teaches the basic skills of cooking, with an increased level of difficulty each time, and the fun of washing dishes of course!

Many thanks to Sarah Iris Foster for sharing info with CFBS about this awesome program, we wish all the students much fun in their cooking adventure!

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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