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Colis d'Art Project with Musée Ambulant

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

LOCAL NEWS - NOVEMBER 19, 2021: LOWER NORTH SHORE – Art fun with Musée Ambulant!

You may remember Musee Ambulant, a small nomadic arts museum, from a previous visit to the Lower North Shore, in February 2019, and the exhibition they showcased in the schools in Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon, Old Fort and St-Paul River. Well, they are coming back!

The Musee Ambulant team will coming to the Lower North Shore in the upcoming weeks, this time bringing contemporary artworks to new audiences. They will be visiting elementary and high schools from Kegaska to L'Anse-au-Loup, offering artistic workshops that showcase exciting visual work by professional artists, including some augmented reality and interactive virtual reality experiences.

They will be in the Blanc-Sablon area from December 7th to December 16th, and CFBS radio will be giving away Colis d'art toour listeners! So what is Colis d'art you may ask?

In the past year, Musee Ambulant has produced a series called Colis d'art (Art Parcels, literally), a collection of special boxes containing an original artwork created by a professional artist, tools to explore an artistic medium and a code to access extra content online (ex. interview with the artist, and tutorials for the use of the provided material.

CFBS will be giving away Colis d'art from the following artists:

A. Colis TREMBLAY / ARGUIN (silkscreen printing)

B. Colis MARSH / MERCADER (wood engraving and printing)

C. Colis K. PHANEUF / DOYON-RIVEST (book binding)

D. Colis BONEY / PÉTRIN (clay modeling).

Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, this project is entirely FREE and the Colis (value of $85 each) can of course be kept and enjoyed, so the artistic discovery can continue on for years to come!

Listen to the interview with Sarah Bélanger-Martel, by clicking on the sound files below (click on the speaker icon next to the sound file and a media player will open up to hear the interview).

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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