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Essential Workers Day in Blanc-Sablon and Bonne-Espérance

Updated: Apr 17, 2023


A simple thank you seems so inadequate to thank all of the essential employees who are risking their lives during these challenging times to make sure that our families are safe. CFBS decided that it was only fitting to honour all the essential and front line workers in our broadcast audience, from Blanc-Sablon to Old Fort Bay, by hosting an Essential Workers Day on our airwaves beginning at 8am this morning. Listeners were treated to speeches from local leaders; the Mayor of Blanc-Sablon, Wanda Beaudoin, the Mayor of Bonne-Espérance, Roderick Fequet, the Warden of the MRC du Golfe du Saint-Laurent, Mr. Randy Jones, as well as a message of thanks to the local essential workers from the Coasters Association.

The event was a day filled with great music, many talented local artists from the Lower North Shore submitted songs to CFBS after a request was placed on the Facebook group for Lower North Shore talent called 'Back Home Connection.' There were so many awesome songs sent to us that we just have to share them with you, scroll to the end of this article the hear the speeches and music. Even our dear friend, Newfoundland artist Jim Payne, joined in on the honouring. Jim sent us a special song as well for the event, which you can find below. The audience were also invited to send in special messages to the essential workers and local businesses expressing their thanks.

CFBS invited the communities to submit the names of local essential workers since the beginning of this week on our Facebook page. In total, almost 300 names were submitted of residents from Old Fort to Blanc-Sablon. The names were entered into our prize draw of fabulous items donated by the communities and municipalities for the workers. A huge thank you to: Velma Butt, Melvina Maurice, Viola Ryland, Sherry Lee Letto, Lloyd Hobbs, Betty Hobbs, Dorothy Griffin, Lois Woodland, Lorraine Griffin, Koren Wellman, the Municipality of Bonne-Espérance, and the Municipality of Blanc-Sablon, for the generous donations of the prizes.

To the essential workers, we thank you for your commitment and dedication; thank you for your compassion, collaboration, and courage; thank you for providing care and the much needed local services, most importantly, thank you for giving us hope and bringing us light during these times of uncertainty and fear. You are the true heroes and we appreciate you and your sacrifices, more than words can say. From all your friends at CFBS radio.

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist


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