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Municipality of Gros Mécatina Hosts a Community Easter Basket


The Community Easter Basket, bringing smiles to all while respecting social distancing.

I spoke with Tina Leon from La Tabatière over the Easter weekend and she was delighted to tell me about the Community Easter Basket idea that she had. Children were asked to participate in a community initiative to boost morale during the Easter holiday where they were able to add their own eggs to the basket.

A display was set up at the Municipal building in La Tabatière to showcase the community Easter basket. Unpainted wooden eggs were on display and children were invited to stop by and pick up a wooden egg from a container to take home and decorate. Once their artwork was complete, they returned the eggs to the container at the Municipal building in La Tabatière.

In total, 20 children had participated in the community Easter Basket, filling the basket with beautiful hand painted creations that were enjoyed by everyone. Tina said it was a great way to spread some cheer by having a fun activity that the children could participate in during the Easter holiday while still respecting the health guidelines set for everyone. A fun activity enjoyed by the two communities of La Tabatière and Mutton Bay, way to go everyone and Happy Easter!

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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