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Residents of Blanc-Sablon and Bonne-Espérance Can Join Book Crossings on Qajaq W.


Residents of Blanc-Sablon to Old Fort can now book ferry passage from Blanc-Sablon, Quebec to St. Barbe on Newfoundland island with Labrador Marine Inc.. Important to note however, after mixed information being received this morning on exactly which communities are allowed to reserve ferry passage, is that for the time being ferry bookings do not seem to include the rest of the Lower North Shore municipalities. So specifically, residents living in the Municipalities of Blanc-Sablon (including Blanc-Sablon, Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon & Bradore) and Bonne-Esperance (including Middle Bay, St. Paul's & Old Fort) may book passage to St. Barbe, but at this time the rest of the Lower North Shore are not confirmed to be able to cross on the ferry.

Speaking this afternoon with Dave Leyden, Operation's Manager at Labrador Marine Inc., he said that passengers from the Blanc-Sablon area are permitted without a requirement for exemption. When I asked if the communities to Old Fort are also included, Mr. Leyden stated that Labrador Marine Inc.won’t turn anyone away from that area. He also noted that this only means that the ferry will allow passage, anyone travelling would need to confirm with the Newfoundland government for any quarantine requirements.

​CFBS was also informed today that some Quebecers from our area are having trouble with being accepted for accommodations on the island even after being told that they are allowed to travel to Newfoundland by ferry. With this being a problem for some, it would be good to keep in mind to verify all details of your travel itinerary to the island before booking a passage to ensure your plans will not experience any set backs due to COVID-19 restrictions in another province. Keep in mind that the province is not open to Quebec residents right now as we are not included in the Atlantic bubble. This may change around July 17th with the new announcement from the Newfoundland government.

Abbygail Wellman

​CFBS Journalist

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