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A Statement from the Municipality of Blanc-Sablon

LOCAL NEWS – September 29, 2022

CFBS was speaking today with Karine Benoit, Acting General Director, regarding the meeting that had taken place on September 26th with the Corporation de Développement Économique Est-Ouest board about the current situation regarding funding, administration, and the logistics of operating the local arena in Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon. As you may recall, CFBS was in attendance and reported that many community members attended as it was open to the public. At the closing of the meeting, there was still no solution yet made by both parties, but an agreement to hold another meeting later in October to find a solution has been made.

The Municpality of Blanc-Sablon would like to issue the following statement regarding the meeting on September 26th:

"The municipality of Blanc-Sablon had a meeting with the Corporation de développement Économique Est-Ouest, where the public was also present on the 26th of September. The municipality presented their plan to change the way that the yearly $60,000.00 grant was given. At this time, the Corporation and the public voiced their concerns on this plan. The municipality took all opinions and concerns into consideration, and are pleased that we will be having another meeting with the corporation in late October. One of the objectives for the Municipality at this meeting was to create a better working relationship and communication between the two parties. We feel that this was achieved, and we will continue to work on this relationship in the future."

CFBS will attend the next meeting in October and bring you an update on discussions between the Municipality of Blanc-Sablon and the Corporation de Développement Économique Est-Ouest board for the funding and requirements needed for the local arena in Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon to continue to receive this yearly grant.

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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