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Local Seabirds of the Lower North Shore

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

LOCAL NEWS - AUGUST 3, 2021 - Learning about our local seabird population

CFBS was speaking with Lisa Gutcher, a QLF Intern and biologist who studied at the University British of Columbia, and Heather Grant McLoughlin, who is also a QLF Intern and a computer scientist, who studied at Dalhousie and Swansea University in the UK. These ladies are currently in Blanc-Sablon working with the Quebec Labrador Foundation on the conservation of the local seabirds, spreading awareness, and engaging the community about our magnificent winged neighbors.

Avid birders, Lisa and Heather have been hosting a series of fun community activities in the last few days, welcoming the community to come out and learn about our seabirds like the Razorbill (Tinker), the Puffin, the Common Eider, the Common Murre (Turre), the Great Black-backed Gull, the Bar-tailed Godwit, and more.

Check out the photos below of the mural painted by these ladies, and community members, during their event held at the Blanc-Sablon General Store on August 2nd. Way to go everyone!

Abbygail Wellman

​CFBS Journalist

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