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Local SQ Officers to be Present at Airport and Wharf for Public Health Recommendations

LOCAL NEWS - DECEMBER 11, 2020 - Local SQ officers spreading awareness during the 2nd wave of COVID-19 pandemic

CFBS was made aware this week that local Sûreté du Québec officers were present at the airport in Blanc-Sablon and the federal wharf speaking with passengers entering the region from the province's "red zones."

Speaking by email with Denis Chartier, head of the local Sûreté du Québec in Blanc-Sablon, he provided this information on the new request given to the SQ:

"So, shortly, no changes about the mandate as SQ officers. We only answer a request from the “Comité de Sécurité Publique” (CSP) of the MRC about the rising of this 2nd wave of the pandemic and incoming people from “red zones” … in fact nearly all of the Province of Quebec at this time is tagged “red” actually and we will expect some students, workers, travelers who will coming back to LNS with Xmas holidays coming.

In fact, SQ officer’s will try to be present at airport and wharf to inform and sensitize travelers about the strict recommendations of Public Health when they get in LNS.

It’s an answer from a concerns addressed from our MRC to the SQ. The objective is to prevent any contamination of the LNS. It’s an emphasis of Regional Public Health Director recommendations in this critical period of residents/students/workers coming back home - and in their family." - Denis Chartier, head of the local Sûreté du Québec in Blanc-Sablon

Mentioned last Friday at the CISSS de la Côte-Nord press briefing, Public health is asking all visitors from outside of the region to isolate themselves for a period of 7 days upon their arrival on the North Shore and to take a screening test on the first, and seventh day, if they are entering the Lower North Shore, Minganie, or Caniapiscau. Hosts of the visitors should also isolate themselves.

As well, the new measures announced by the CISSS de la Côte-Nord last Friday will now allow visitors to isolate themselves part-time for work purposes. The CISSS confirms that it will be possible for a visitor to go to work as soon as they arrive on the Lower North Shore, or elsewhere on the territory of the North Shore, provided that they respect "social distancing" and the health rules of the workplace.

Abbygail Wellman

​CFBS Journalist

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