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Our Story

Radio Blanc-Sablon was founded in May of 1983. Radio Blanc-Sablon started when a few community members joined together and volunteered time and effort to make their idea of having a local radio station a reality. With some 8-tracks and an 8-track player in a little building, a whole lot of determination and dedication, Radio Blanc-Sablon was up and running.


CFBS Radio Blanc-Sablon is a non-profit organization that relies on funding and government grants as its main income. We are overseen by a board of directors and a General Director. Currently, CFBS Radio employs five full-time employees. CFBS Radio Blanc-Sablon is continuously evolving, and to this day, we are still progressing and advancing. We now serve the population from Blanc to Old Fort, and beyond. We can be heard locally on stations 89.9 and 93.1, with English and French programming. We can also be followed on Facebook at CFBS Radio Blanc-Sablon, and on this website.

Every day, we continue to offer the very best entertainment and media services. We thrive to be at our best as a source of information and music for our listening audience; we take great pride in our station and how far we have come over the last 40 years.

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