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At CFBS Radio, we have a small but dedicated and passionate team working to bring the latest local news and music to our community. As a local radio station, we aim to keep listeners informed and entertained.

Janice Letemplier

General Director

Janice Letemplier took on the role of General Director at CFBS Radio in 2011. Janice is the team leader, she has many duties that accompany her title, but she is always up for the challenge.

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Abby Wellman


Abbygail Wellman joined CFBS in the summer of 2018, she brings many years of previous radio experience to her post. She is funny, witty, and has a great straightforward approach to making her audience feel like a part of her daily life. Abby is the host of the Morning Mesh Up and The Daily Report each weekday morning on CFBS. Tune in for a daily dose of Abby's infectious laughter and silly attitude on CFBS!


Ian Letemplier


Ian Letemplier joined CFBS Radio in 2013. Ian is the dedicated host of the Request Show, The Sunday morning Napa Request Show, and The Rock the Dock Show on Fridays. CFBS Radio is also proud to have Ian as their technician.

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Jessika Lavallee

French Animator

Jessika Lavallee started at CFBS Radio in 2022. She has taken on the role of full-time French animator. Jessika can be heard every weekday afternoon on l’Heure d’Info Flash and the Vitrine Belles-Amours.

Chrissy Letemplier

Project Assistant

Chrissy Letemplier slowly began with CFBS Radio in 2019 as a part-time employee on the French afternoon show, Chrissy recently took-on a full-time, part-time job as a project assistant and is proudly working with a great team.

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