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Addison Letemplier Wins Gold for her Irish Slip Jig Dance

CFBS NEWS BLANC-SABLON - MARCH 12, 2021 - Young lady with Coaster ties wins a gold medal for her Irish Jig

As St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching, we think of all things Irish, beautiful music, everything green, as well as Irish dancing. Fast paced, controlled and beautiful, this type of dancing is not as easy as it looks to gracefully kick up your feet!

CFBS was speaking with Sherrie Martin, originally from St. Augustine on the Lower North Shore, about the amazing accomplishments of her daughter, Addison Letemplier, who has recently won a gold medal for her beautiful, and well trained, professional Irish dancing. Both Sherrie and Addison's Dad, Darcy Letemplier, originally from Blanc-Sablon, are very proud of what their daughter has accomplished. Here is what CFBS learned about this very talented 11 year old who dances with such composed grace and style:

How did Addison get started in Irish dancing?

"Addison starting Irish dancing at Costello Irish dance school in January of 2018. She was 8 years old when she started. A competition in Irish dance is called a feis, and she competes in about 5-8 feis a year. Before the pandemic hit she was training an average of 10-12 hours a week as a solo Irish dancer plus she was on 3 dance teams. She was on a 4 hand team, 6 hand team and a 8 hand team."

Can you tell us about the competitions that she attended?

"She competed in her first eastern regional Irish dance championships in December of 2019, and placed in the top 10. Her 4 hand team and 6 hand team won gold, and her 8 hand team won bronze that year. Her 8 hand team was training extremely hard as they were going to dance in Dublin Ireland at the worlds Irish dance championships last April. However is was canceled due to the pandemic."

Has the Covid pandemic affected her training?

"Once the pandemic hit, Addison continued to train on zoom online with her teachers and friends. She took to the new online training very well but cannot wait to get back in studio with her coaches and friends. She just completed in her first online feis and did very well!"

What is Addison's favorite memory in her Irish dance experience so far?

"Addison says that her favorite memory is placing in the top 10 at the eastern regional championships, she felt so proud to work hard and then to be able to reach that goal."

CFBS would like to congratulate Addison on her remarkable accomplishments, and wish her continued success in her Irish dancing. Very cool Addison! You can watch a video of Addison's dancing by clicking here.

Happy all things Irish for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day, may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Abbygail Wellman

​CFBS Journalist

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