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Blanc-Sablon and Labrador Border Update


CFBS was speaking this afternoon with the Mayor of L'anse au Clair and chair person for the Combined Councils of Labrador, Mr. Chad Letto, about the questions being asked about lifting the local border patrol controlled by the Government of Newfoundland/Labrador, and also received some information to clarify for the population about crossing the border and what is expected by Newfoundland/Labradorians upon your return into the province from Quebec.

For residents of Newfoundland/Labrador, you should only be crossing the border into Quebec for essential reasons, to which when you return you do not need to isolate. Shopping is not considered an essential reason for cross border travel into Quebec, should you cross for this reason, upon return, you would be required to isolate for 14 days. Ferry arrivals from the island should direct themselves to the border without stopping at stores in the community of Blanc-Sablon, in order to avoid isolation requirements, as well as those crossing the border from Labrador to go to the ferry terminal in Blanc-Sablon.

Mayor Letto also wanted to express his understanding to the concerns from people of both Southern Labrador and neighbors on Quebec's Lower North Shore on wanting to see life return to normal and cross border interaction to resume as it was prior to the pandemic. Mr. Letto acknowledged that these times are trying for everyone, but expresses the need for patience from the populations as local leaders work together to try and find a solution to the border control point still in place, while respecting the health and safety of everyone in Newfoundland/Labrador and in the neighboring border communities of Quebec.

Meetings continue to take place with elected officials on the Lower North Shore and leaders in Labrador, a positive dialogue continues in this direction. As well, a meeting is scheduled with Premier Dwight Ball and the leaders of Labrador communities this weekend on Saturday June 6th to discuss this file. However, at this time, nothing will be considered for the possible lifting of any border restrictions until June 8th during the Government of Newfoundland/Labrador COVID-19 press brief when the moving to level 3 in the province will be considered. Important again to note, this is the earliest date that this announcement may be made, but does not mean that the control point will be lifted on this date.

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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