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CFBS Facebook page contents emptied in Meta response to Bill C-18

In response to Canadian government legislation, news content can't be viewed in Canada on a social media platform in a move by Meta. News agency sites cannot currently share news on social media, like Facebook, using their Meta business platforms this week in a swift move by Meta in response to Bill C-18. You may notice that as of Tuesday August 8th, 2023 that on Facebook for example, all news social media business sites for communications (radio, television, newspapers etc.) had their page contents emptied, and are no longer accessible for news posts.

CFBS has attempted to post basic, non news updates to our Facebook page, yet it gets flagged as news content and is quickly removed for our Canadian followers. CFBS will continue to share news daily to the population foremost by radio broadcast, as that is our field of communications, accompanying information will then be posted on the website of CFBS at We invite you to make checking our website a daily part of your regime.

Thank you for your patience, and understanding.

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