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Colin Standish on Bill-96 and Bill C-32

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

LOCAL NEWS - JULY 29, 2021: BLANC-SABLON – The language debate heats up as Quebec's Bill 96 and Ottawa's Bill C-32 draws opposition from the new Task Force on Linguistic Policy

CFBS was speaking with Colin Standish, a constitutional law scholar, about Quebec’s language reform legislation Bill 96, and Ottawa’s Bill C-32 reforming the Official Languages Act, as well as the new task force that has been created to oppose the language law reforms.

Quebec anglophone rights groups say they will be extremely under-represented at the hearings this fall for Bill 96.

In a recent press release from the new Task Force on Linguistic Policy, only three groups tasked with representing the approximately 1.2 million English-speaking Quebecers were among those invited, despite substantial opposition to Bill 96 and the proposed federal constitutional amendment.

They recommend that Quebecers concerned with Bill 96 voice their concerns by emailing their MNAs and M. Olivier Champagne, the Bill 96 Committee Clerk, at

​You can checkout the website of the Task Force on Linguistic Policy by clicking here, to make a donation to aid the Task Force on Linguistic Policy on stopping bills 96 and C-32, you can click here.

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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