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Educational Training Opportunity for the LNS


There is a monumental educational opportunity knocking on the door of the Lower North Shore and all you need to do is to be willing to open the door and apply to be educated in the bio-pharmaceutical field. What is even more interesting is that this program is going to be taught in English and it is FREE to those on the Lower North Shore who are interested! Yes, I really did say FREE! There is no tuition fees associated with this education program.

I attended a video conference information presentation at the Commission du Littoral office in Blanc-Sablon that was presented by Stephanie Hygate, Alan Gaudet and Michael Casey and Bob Hanna given from the John Abbott College in Montreal, in partnership with the Commission Scolaire du Littoral, Cegep de Sainte-Foy, Emploi Quebec and the Coasters Association. The course program was developed by the Cegep de St. Foy. Many people were in attendance by video or telephone from many places in North America, such as: Blanc-Sablon, St. Paul’s, La Tabatiere, Harve-St. Pierre, Montreal, Gatineau, New York, Dallas Texas and Los Angeles California.

It was a very interesting presentation that lasted approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, and by the time that the presentation was complete, I could not believe the amazing event that was taking place. I was very excited on what this opportunity means for our region and for those interested in having a career in the bio-pharmaceutical job market on the Lower North Shore. To be educated on the Lower North Shore by a prestigious college, in our mother tongue, and to be able to obtain work in this very interesting field seems like a dream, but it is definitely happening right now and we should really take advantage of this monumental educational opportunity.

As many of you are already aware, the Lower North Shore Bioproducts Solidarity Coop has been making many ground breaking advances in their field, especially with the International Blue Cooperative establishing their office in St. Paul’s River and marking the Lower North Shore as a great economic potential for the bio marine industry. The nutraceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industry harvests, extracts, and process natural materials for use in medicine, cosmetics, and food products. The industry on the Lower North Shore and beyond needs your talent.

So, here are the major details that you need to know about this educational opportunity and what it will mean for you in terms of future work advantages:

• This is a tuition-free program funded by the Ministry of Education and delivered by John Abbott College. The purpose of offering this course is to fill the demand for biopharma partners who need to hire on the Lower North Shore. The number of maximum students accepted into the AEC program will depend on the amount of financing available.

• The minimum admission requirements are: Secondary V, DEP, SSET or equivalent. There will be a personal assessment and interview process to be accepted into the program.

• You will be instructed in how to work in a clean room production environment and will prepare for a career field in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmetic productions. The three main focuses of the course will be: production, quality and soft skills.

• With this program you can work in many different job locations such as: the bioproducts laboratory, a pharmacy or a health care laboratory.

• The program is 1080 hours in total, the curriculum is a mix of online classroom, local instruction and hands on lab work. There is a total of 5 semesters in the program and includes a 10 week work placement at the end of the program. You will need to commit to 5 hours of class time per day along with homework assignments and/or team projects to complete.

• The course will begin in March 2020 and should finish by March 2021, there will be a break over the Christmas holidays.

• You can seek financial assistance options, like Employment Insurance benefits, while participating in the program. Options are available for those already receiving EI benefits whose claim is already drawn out. Travel costs related to the program will be covered. Daycare expenses while you are being educated can be covered as well for your children.

• Those interested can contact the Commission du Littoral office in Blanc-Sablon to give your name to Ana Osborne for the Production and Quality Management in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Food Industry course at 418-461-2810. Interviews conducted by John Abbott College are starting as soon as next week, so do not delay in giving your name!

This is your chance to be a part of this big advance for our local economy on the Lower North Shore. This is a major ground breaking opportunity being offered exclusively to us Coasters on the Lower North Shore. If you are willing to pursue this free educational opportunity, it will lead to a career path that will see you obtain employment right here on the Lower North Shore! Be a part of the process from field to the final products being produced locally!

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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