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Fines Will be Issued as of Tonight to Those Breaking Curfew

LOCAL NEWS BLANC-SABLON – FEBRUARY 17, 2021: Break the curfew, receive a fine!

CFBS was speaking this morning with Denis Chartier, of the local Sûreté du Québec office here in Blanc-Sablon. Officer Chartier informed us that the leniency period for those who are caught out after the provincial curfew of 9:30 PM for our area without an acceptable reason, has now ended. "We have stopped a lot of people during our night patrols, and have let them pass with a warning, but we now have pressure from our chain of command to begin issuing fines to any curfew infractions," said officer Chartier.

Beginning this evening (Feb 17) at 9:30 PM local time, any persons caught by the Sûreté du Québec on the roads illegally without a valid reason or caught breaking the curfew by hosting gatherings, will be fined. How much you may be wondering? Curfew infraction fines are $1000.00 + $546.00 administration fees, equaling a total of $1546.00.

Officer Chartier would also like to remind residents of Labrador that the curfew fines apply to them as well if they cross the border into Quebec after 9:30 PM local time. "We have been seeing a lot of Labrador residents on this side of the border after our curfew hour, everyone needs to be aware that when you cross the provincial border, you must follow the rules of the province that you are in,'' said officer Chartier. He also added that any reasons given as to why you may be out after curfew will be verified by the police.

When asked about if there is an update for any border changes from the Quebec Government, officer Chartier said that there has been no new mandate issued to the local SQ. They had been requested on Monday (Feb 15) by public health to be prepared to set up security at the border if needed, but at this time, there is still no mandate set for a security check point to be installed at the Blanc-Sablon border. "We are prepared to go if asked, but this may not be needed now," stated Mr. Chartier.

On Friday February 12, Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Janice Fitzgerald announced the province has moved back to Alert Level 5 of its response plan in an effort to gain control of the quickly spreading coronavirus variant B117, which health officials say is the cause of the recent outbreak. Under an Alert Level 5, health officials are asking everyone to stay home as much as possible, except to collect essential items, such as groceries and medications. They are also asking people to limit contacts to only those in their immediate household bubble in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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