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Fire destroys JL Joncas grocery store and Uniprix Pharmacy Danielle Driscoll

Tragedy had struck the community of Lourdes de Blanc-Sablon last night July 23rd. A fire at the JL Joncas store was noticed at approximately 10:30pm last night by a local resident, who had then called 911.

Videos and photos during the blaze posted on social media seem to show the fire had begun somewhere in the JL Joncas side of the building. The fire later spread to the Pharmacy side of the building. No one was injured.

The local firefighters had been on scene, and had stayed throughout the night, and were also assisted by a fire brigade from Labrador South.

JL Joncas Grocery store was a part of the community since 1954. Uniprix Pharmacy Danielle was a new business addition that had opened its doors within the last decade.

CFBS was speaking briefly with Danielle Driscoll this morning to offer our community support following this tragedy, she said that she will have an update for the population as soon as possible.

CFBS was also in contact with Pascal Paradis of the CISSS de la Cote Nord this morning, we are awaiting information on the procedure going forward for the distribution of the population's medication.

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