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First Student Election Campaign in Years for St. Paul's School

LOCAL NEWS - NOVEMBER 15, 2021: ST. PAUL'S – Student Election Campaign Underway

An exciting event is taking place at St. Paul's School this week. The school has teamed up with Elections Québec through their youth program Vox Populi to engage in the democratic process of electing their class representatives for Student Council.

Ashley Duguay, Development Agent at St. Paul's School, speaking by email with CFBS said that she is proud of the students for their commitment to their school community and for taking part in this democratic process.

There will be a swear-in ceremony on Tuesday, November 16th at 1:15 p.m. in the gym, where the students will be joined by the Mayor of Bonne-Espérance, Ms. Dale Roberts Keats, to make the big announcement of who has won the student elections, and to congratulate the newly elected council.

More to come ......

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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