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Has Your House Been Boo'd Yet?

LOCAL NEWS - OCTOBER 21, 2020 - A Fun Halloween Prank Activity for All Ages

Have you been Boo'ed yet? A new Halloween COVID-19 friendly activity is sweeping the nation, and it entails leaving a Halloween treat at the door of your friend, family or neighbor's home. Intrigued? So was I when I first heard of this new activity today following a social media post from a friend in Calgary. So I decided to get the scoop on what this was about.

First, you prepare a treat bag for the person you want to boo. It can be a Ziploc bag of candies and stickers, a treat pail of goodies, or anything else you and your family can come up with. There is a free 'You've Been Boo'ed' printable template on, here is the link and what the template looks like:

Once you have your treat prepared and your printable ready, you can write the name of the person or persons on the ghost printable. You may also choose to sign your name to the paper or you can choose to leave the treat as a mystery of where it can from.

Now you are ready to KNOCK, KNOCK, BOO!

Go to the family, friend or neighbor's home of your choice, knock or ring the door bell and THEN RUN! Try not to be seen, it adds to the fun of your adventure and being a super stealth boo ninja! You can boo as many people as you want, this is a super fun COVID-19 safe activity that requires no contact between the treat giver and the person getting boo'ed!

NOTE TO THOSE WHO GET BOO'ED: Please put the ghost paper given with your treat in your window to show that you have been boo'ed by someone. Have fun and share pictures on your social media to share in the fun.

Sounds super fun right? I am already thinking of who my family are going to BOO! Get out there and begin your own community BOO-FEST and start your BOO-ing today.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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