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Lightning strike causes power outage for the community of St. Paul's River

Video and photo credits to Shaun Griffin

Lightning struck a hydro pole in St. Paul's River this afternoon, as witnessed on video by Shaun Griffin. Mr. Griffin later went to the area where the hydro pole was struck. Power is still out for the community, no word yet on the length of time for repairs but CFBS was speaking with a Hydro linesman and they are en route.

The Municipality of Bonne Espérance posted shortly after on their social media account that Hydro Quebec workers were travelling from St. Augustine to Bonne Espérance by long liner due to weather conditions. The problems would be assessed when they arrive and taken care of as soon as possible.

UPDATE FRIDAY JULY 28, 2023: As of this morning, Hydro Quebec workers worked through the night to fix the pole that was hit by lightning in St. Paul's River. Currently power has been restored to as many clients as possible. They have 9 transformers that still need to be changed, more Hydro workers are en route to assist the local team to get everyone's power back as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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