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Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon Welcomes Warrior the Paint Horse


There is a new resident of Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon who is getting quite the welcome from locals, meet Warrior the paint horse! Warrior is the newest addition to the Letemplier/Jones family of Lourdes, owned most lovingly by Carlie Letemplier and her parents Daniel Letemplier and Joanne Jones. Warrior is a 5 year old male paint horse, affectionate and friendly, he greets those who stop by, intrigued by his visitors, and interested in sniffing you out to say hello!

I had the pleasure of stopping by over the weekend with my 8 year old daughter to meet Warrior, an absolutely beautiful animal, who loves all the attention that he receives. But if stopping by, please respect the family rules of not feeding Warrior or touching him without the family being present, to ensure his safety and yours. My daughter was wearing a straw cowboy hat, I think Warrior was eyeing it as a snack as he kept sniffing it. My daughter laughed hysterically when while I was taking a selfie with Warrior, he licked my ear.

So how did Warrior come to call Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon his home? Joanne Jones explained that as a small child, their daughter Carlie Letemplier was always obsessed with horses. Her Pepe told her that if she still loved horses by the age of 12, that he would get her a horse and build her a stable. That interest and passion never went away, and so began the story of Carlie and her Warrior.

Dad (Daniel Letemplier) and Grandpas (Kevin Letemplier and Normand Jones) along with Uncle Jason Jones got to work on building the horse's barn and stable area. The family began looking for a horse at the stable in Reefs Harbour, Newfoundland. The owners of the stable had 3 beautiful horses, but Warrior was the most affectionate and really loved attention from people. Once it was decided that Warrior would be the newest member of their family, there was a bit of juggle to get him over to Blanc-Sablon with all the restrictions of COVID-19, but he finally made it here in June.

Carlie can be seen riding Warrior along the waterfront in Lourdes, he has been welcomed with lots of excitement to his new home, the local grocery store brings him veggies and fruit, everyone is very excited to see such a magnificent animal. Warrior will be with the Letemplier/Jones family until October or November where after he will winter back in Reefs Harbour, Newfoundland due to the cold climate here, but then will return next spring to Lourdes.

Abbygail Wellman

​CFBS Journalist

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