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Mayor Etheridge weighs in on petition received at the Municipality regarding nuisance bylaw

CFBS was made aware of a petition that was circulating in August 2023 within the Municipality of Blanc-Sablon calling for the municipality to enforce its nuisance bylaw to property owners. This petition was deposited at the municipal office at the beginning of this week:

Speaking today with Mayor Andrew Etheridge of the Municipality of Blanc-Sablon, he confirmed that they have received the petition, and that it is being reviewed by the council. Mayor Etheridge did state that the Municipality of Blanc-Sablon does not have a municipal court, so actions are being taken to find an alternative that would allow the municipality to enforce the bylaws. He added that the topic was discussed with Kateri Champagne Jourdain, the MNA for Duplessis, during her visit to Blanc-Sablon two weeks ago.

The public will be updated when more information on this file is made available.

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