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Ms. Gabrielle Landry is the New Mayoress of Blanc-Sablon

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

LOCAL NEWS - NOVEMBER 19, 2021: BLANC-SABLON – A new mayoress for Blanc-Sablon

CFBS was speaking with Gabrielle Landry, the newly elected Mayoress of the Municipality of Blanc-Sablon. Gabrielle won the seat after running unopposed in the seat of Mayor on November 5, 2021. Gabrielle discussed with CFBS what she hopes to achieve during her 4 year term, the files that she is focusing on first, and her drive in taking on the role as a young adult.

Listen to Becky Spingle's interview with Mayoress Gabrielle Landry in both French and English, by clicking on the sound files below (click on the speaker icon next to the sound file and a media player will open up to hear the interview).

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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