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No Curfew Infractions Issued on the Lower North Shore to Date

LOCAL NEWS BLANC-SABLON – FEBRUARY 19, 2021: No Curfew Fine Infractions Issued to Date Locally

CFBS was speaking with Denis Chartier, of the local Sûreté du Québec office here in Blanc-Sablon. Officer Chartier informed us that the population is now been respecting the curfew measures issued by the Quebec Government. "The roads have been quiet since we announced that we will now be issuing fines to any curfew infractions," said officer Chartier.

The local Sûreté du Québec office here in Blanc-Sablon said on Wednesday February 17th that the leniency period for those who are caught out after the provincial curfew of 9:30 PM for our area without an acceptable reason, has ended. With pressure from their chain of command, the local police have no choice but to issue fines to any curfew infractions. Any persons caught by the Sûreté du Québec on the roads illegally without a valid reason or caught breaking the curfew by hosting gatherings, will be fined. How much you may be wondering? Curfew infraction fines are $1000.00 + $546.00 administration fees, equaling a total of $1546.00.

"We are very happy that our citizens have received the message, because it was becoming problematic with those not respecting the curfew in the last weeks,'' said officer Chartier. "We will be on patrol on the weekend as well," he added.

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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