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Projected Attendance Numbers for CSSL Schools on May 11


Parents on the Lower North Shore were faced with a very big decision recently, regarding if the time was right to send their children back to school. The Littoral school board begins school again on Monday May 11th, on a voluntary basis for primary students. Many parents have been voicing their opinions on the matter on social media, some are for, some are against the idea, and others are deciding to take the wait and see approach on if the time is right.

Students will have to adapt to the new reality of school life during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many parents to question how the children will accept the new restrictions that they will have to follow with social distancing of 2 metres, increased hygiene measures, and no extracurricular activities among other changes. The school board will have a new routine of hygiene measures to prevent an infection in the CSL schools. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers will be available throughout the schools for easy access.

A letter sent to parents last week from the Administrator of the CSL, Mr. Philip Joycey, stressed that "A safe, healthy and successful return to school is our priority."

CFBS reached out to Mr. Joycey to inquire on the projected attendance numbers of the CSL schools to reflect what is the amount of students returning to classes on Monday. Here is the breakdown by percentage of students in each CSL school sent to CFBS by email from Mr. Joycey, CSL Administrator:

Ecole Kegaska - Kegaska - 100%

Ecole St. Joseph - Port Menier - 100%

Ecole Gabriel Dionne - Tête-à-la-Baleine - 100%

Ecole Mecatina - La Tabatiere - 92 %

Ecole Scheffer - Blanc Sablon - 39 %

Ecole St. Augustine - St Augustine - 64%

Ecole Harrington - Harrington Harbour - 50%

Ecole Netagamiou - Chevery - 50%

Ecole Mountain Ridge - Old Fort Bay - 12%

By email, My. Joycey also stated that parents whose children are not currently registered, must notify the school one week in advance of sending their child back to school. On-line resources will still be available until the end of the school year.

Important to note, secondary school students at this time will not be returning to class under the current guidelines. However, secondary students are to be contacted by their teachers, as well as to receive educational materials at home.

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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