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Residents of Lower North Shore Frustrated with Mail Delivery Service

LOCAL NEWS - FEBRUARY 10, 2020 - LNS residents concerned about state of current mail services

CFBS received a lot of calls and messages earlier this week from local residents who asked if we could get information on why there was no mail coming in for just over 1 week in many areas on the coast. On a normal week, mail delivery should take place on 3 days, unless if bad weather interrupts the service. It has been a question asked by many residents for quite some time now, "What is going on with our mail delivery services on the Lower North Shore?"

Speaking with Randy Jones, Warden of the MRC du Golfe du Saint-Laurent, he informed CFBS that he is well aware of the situation, taking many calls himself from residents voicing their frustrations regarding the mail.

Warden Jones said that a meeting will take place on Friday (Feb 12) at the request of Marilène Gill, the Bloc MP for Manicouagan, and the mayors of the Lower North Shore to discuss the survey that had recently been carried out and concerns about the current mail services.

More details to come ........

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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