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Residents of the LNS Require Exemption Letter to Cross on Qajaq W.


Residents from the Blanc-Sablon area to Old Fort once again are requested to have an exemption or essential services letter to be able to book passage on the Qajaq W. ferry to Newfoundland island.

CFBS was made aware of the change this morning as a statement is now posted on the Labrador Marine Inc. website stating: "There seems to be a miscommunication regarding people wanting to travel from Blanc Sablon & area on the Qajaq W. Until the process is clarified LMI will require an essential service letter or exemption from CMO of NL from those residents. Failure to provide same will result in denial of access to the vessel. "

CFBS was trying to get clarification on why this change has once again taken place. We were speaking by email with Dave Leyden, Operation's Manager at Labrador Marine Inc. on Monday July 6th, at that time he stated that passengers from the Blanc-Sablon area are permitted without a requirement for exemption. When I asked if the communities to Old Fort are also included, Mr. Leyden stated that Labrador Marine Inc.would not turn anyone away from that area. He also noted at the time that this only meant that the ferry would allow passage, anyone travelling would still need to confirm with the Newfoundland government for any quarantine requirements.

In an update by email this morning to CFBS, Dave Leyden, Operation's Manager at Labrador Marine Inc. gave an update on the situation. He stated:"The info we had previously from Gov said travel for Blanc Sablon and area people was allowed without documentation. Apparently there is some miscommunication between Gov departments on this. Therefore we have had to put the documentation requirement back in place. has now been updated with this requirement. We will update the website again once we have full clarification that travel is allowed."

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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