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Schools to Remain Open on Lower North Shore

LOCAL NEWS - NOVEMBER 23, 2020 - CSSL Schools Remain Open on the LNS

CFBS received questions from our listeners regarding if the schools will be closing temporarily in light of the recent 1 case of COVID-19 confirmed in the Municipality of Blanc-Sablon. Speaking by email this morning with the Administrator of the Centre de Services Scolaire du Littoral, Philip Joycey, he had this to say regarding the situation:

"I fully understand the concern of parents; however, as is outlined in the Centre de Service Scolaire du Littoral’s Covid protocol our decisions will be guided by Sante Public. A clear statement was issued by Marlène Joseph-Blais, person responsible for communications for the CISSS de la Cote Nord, yesterday which gave no indication that our schools should be closed.

We have been vigilant in our efforts to maintain COVID procedures in all of our buildings along the coast and will continue to do so. The Centre de Service Scolaire du Littoral is committed to keeping our clientele and community at large, safe during this period and we will be following the recommendation of Sante Quebec in this regard.

Rest assured that we will be monitoring the situation closely with the support of Sante Quebec and will act in the best interest of all concerned." - Administrator of the Centre de Services Scolaire du Littoral, Philip Joycey

Abbygail Wellman

CFBS Journalist

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