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Warden Randy Jones on Current COVID-19 Situation

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

LOCAL NEWS - NOVEMBER 23, 2020 - Warden Randy Jones of the MRC speaks to the LNS

CFBS was speaking this afternoon with the Warden of the MRC du Golfe-du-Saint-Laurent, Mr. Randy Jones, about the recent confirmation of 1 case of COVID-19 on the Lower North Shore in the Municipality of Blanc-Sablon. Mr. Jones speaks about a recent meeting that had taken place between elected officials of the North Shore asking the government and public health to have the region closed, also a request to have the Canadian Rangers deployed again on the Lower North Shore, as well as the continued fight to have mandatory testing in the region.

Listen to the interview with Warden Randy Jones by clicking on the sound files below (click on the speaker icon next to the sound file and a media player will open up to hear the interview).

Abbygail Wellman

​CFBS Journalist

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